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Control of Worms Sustainably (COWS) is an industry stakeholder group which aims to promote best practice in the control of cattle parasites. More about COWS...

You can read our cattle parasite guidance, or look specifically at guidance on fluke - and check out the videos on using cattle parasiticides.

Want to know more about resistance? Read our technical summary starting with what is resistance?

Latest from COWS

The COWS Guide to Liver Fluke for farmers has been launched. Do you know your way around liver fluke?
The 2016 version of the AHDB BRP cattle and sheep parasite guide.
Taflen COWS newydd i ffermwyr, yn awr yn y Gymraeg.
New farmer leaflet

The new COWS farmer leaflet on cattle worming is here. Take a look and let us know what you think.

COWS technical manual updated

The revised chapters on "Controlling ectoparasites and insect pests of cattle" and on "Integrated parasite control on cattle farms" have been added to the website, together with a new summary on "Sustainable Parasite Control Strategies", thus completing for now the revision of the COWS technical manual.

Liver fluke risk lower than last year

The relatively dry autumn in 2014 has meant that the liver fluke risk is lower than it was for last year. COWS has issued some recommendations. Read more...

Veterinary surgeons in particular may be interested to read "Liver fluke - an overview for practitioners" by Diana Williams et al., presented at BCVA Congress 2014. We are grateful for permission to include it here.

COWS has issued an invitation to tender for knowledge transfer coordination and delivery for the COWS industry steering group
The Liver Fluke section of the cattle parasites technical manual has been updated and republished.
COWS press release: Get fluke treatment right this autumn
COWS has released its Top Ten Tips for Controlling Liver Fluke in Cattle.
The latest version of the COWS list of flukicide products in cattle is now available.

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